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Back to Lubuto!

It’s back to school season and the Ngwerere Lubuto Library is not short of the excitement from the children. So, we’ve chosen to call it “Back to Lubuto” season. Hundreds of children spilled through the library doors last week as … Continue reading

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Reading Culture

I run into lots of people in Zambia who ask me what I’m doing here. It’s a fair question, and so I tell them: I’m a librarian-in-training, conducting collection evaluation research in children’s libraries. And more than once now the … Continue reading

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How to Learn to Read

The other day there was a girl sitting in the insaka. The insaka is one of the library buildings, a small, round, open space where children often gather. It’s a “lobby” of sorts, and there are usually people sitting in … Continue reading

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Picture Books

I am one of those weird people who loves public speaking. I find it invigorating. Even more than public speaking, though, I love reading. So it comes as a surprise to no one when I say that I love storytimes– … Continue reading

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Reading Together

When I worked in Lubuto’s D.C. office, I spent a fair amount of time captioning photos that other people had taken in the libraries. Looking through those pictures was always fun– seeing the big smiles, the crowds of children watching … Continue reading

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12 More Days!

Just a few weeks left to contribute to Thomas’s professional education! As Lubuto is committed to contributing any remaining amount needed for the coming academic year, every donation, large or small, means more of Lubuto’s funds can go towards our … Continue reading

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Learning About Biodiversity and Other Big Questions of Life at The Library

Library users at Ngwerere Lubuto Library have been using Wikipedia for Schools and the World Book Encylopedia (digital) for over a month now. I’ve spent some time at the library observing the use of these e-resources and interacting with users. … Continue reading

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