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Saying Bye to Naluyele

  One of the joys of visiting a Lubuto Library often is seeing familiar faces. The experience is enhanced by interacting with people you’ve seen around but never really got the chance to talk to. Under normal circumstances, this should … Continue reading

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How to Learn to Read

The other day there was a girl sitting in the insaka. The insaka is one of the library buildings, a small, round, open space where children often gather. It’s a “lobby” of sorts, and there are usually people sitting in … Continue reading

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Picture Books

I am one of those weird people who loves public speaking. I find it invigorating. Even more than public speaking, though, I love reading. So it comes as a surprise to no one when I say that I love storytimes– … Continue reading

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Reading Together

When I worked in Lubuto’s D.C. office, I spent a fair amount of time captioning photos that other people had taken in the libraries. Looking through those pictures was always fun– seeing the big smiles, the crowds of children watching … Continue reading

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Learning About Biodiversity and Other Big Questions of Life at The Library

Library users at Ngwerere Lubuto Library have been using Wikipedia for Schools and the World Book Encylopedia (digital) for over a month now. I’ve spent some time at the library observing the use of these e-resources and interacting with users. … Continue reading

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Youth Day at Fountain of Hope

Our new Regional Director, Lieke Berghauser Pont, reflects on the recent Youth Day Celebrations at Fountain of Hope. On Wednesday March 12th, Youth Day was celebrated at the Lubuto Library at Fountain of Hope. I was asked to represent LLP … Continue reading

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Lubuto Libraries Serving Out of School Children and Youth

The Government of Zambia recently announced the Grade 9 examination results. Zambia’s education system remains a cut-off point system, meaning students have to achieve a certain score in nation-wide exams at Grade 7 and Grade 9 to progress to Grade … Continue reading

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