Graduation from LubutoMentoring at NLL

Graduation from  LubutoMentoring at NLL

This week, youth from our two Lubuto Libraries graduated from the mentoring program. They had gone through 12 lessons designed by Dr. Lawrence Mukuka, a Zambian Sociologist, and delivered by trained library staff. The lessons are designed to impart values and empower marginalized youth. This girl, Chimwemwe, was accompanied by her grandmother, who expressed gratitude to Lubuto. She said Chimwemwe has become a good student in class and relates better with her family at home. The grandmother is the primary caregiver in the family and see’s Lubuto’s efforts as helping her and Chimwemwe cope with very difficult realities. For Chimwemwe and her friends, this was a very joyful occasion. One of the few places in life where they are recognized for an accomplishment.


About Lubuto Library Blog

A Lubuto library is a special place designed for street kids and other marginalized children and youth in Africa. In the safe haven of the library, children can look at books, be read to and read for themselves. They can develop their talents and express themselves through the visual and performing arts, or communicate and learn with OLPC laptops. They can receive mentoring and guidance and participate in programs on health and the environment. Lubuto libraries open the world to children with no opportunities, allowing them to explore their heritage and learn about others through varied and enriching library programs.
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