The Lubuto Library Project Enjoy a Visit from Jane Meyers and Stacy Lagner

It’s been an exciting if intense couple of weeks for Lubuto Library Project, as we have seen the arrivals of both Stacy Lagner and Jane Meyers in Lusaka. In the past week I have been attending daily workshops with the LLP team, discussing our new Monitoring and Evaluation project (funded by OSISA). It has been really good to finally have all of us in one place and to be able to make some plans for how we are going to proceed over the next year or so. There are some exciting opportunities ahead!

However I have missed spending time with the kids at the Lubuto Library Fountain of Hope, and it was lovely to be sitting at the desk this afternoon when a little girl tugged on my skirt and said “Read to me!”. I spent a long time (despite my sore throat, which appears to be going around all the VSO volunteers at the moment) reading to her and her friends – luckily Jane arrived in Zambia armed with a special new cushion to sit on when I read, otherwise it wouldn’t have been quite so comfortable!


About Lubuto Library Blog

A Lubuto library is a special place designed for street kids and other marginalized children and youth in Africa. In the safe haven of the library, children can look at books, be read to and read for themselves. They can develop their talents and express themselves through the visual and performing arts, or communicate and learn with OLPC laptops. They can receive mentoring and guidance and participate in programs on health and the environment. Lubuto libraries open the world to children with no opportunities, allowing them to explore their heritage and learn about others through varied and enriching library programs.
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